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This case study has been compiled in 2012-13 with a grant of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).

Text Author: Ziyad Allawneh,

Text enrichment and editing: Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE

Photos: Ziyad Allawneh or otherwise referred

Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP)

Founded in 2000 as a non-profit making, private organization, the Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) serves as a consulting and a partner organization to influence, encourage and assist local communities throughout Jordan to ensure a better management on natural resources in a sound and ecologically sustainable manner. LHAP hosts in its office the Mediterranean Ecological Media Network (MedEcomedia), a network designed to enhance the capacity of environmental media in covering and communicating priority information at local, national, and regional level.

LHAP also hosts the Arab Network for Environment and Development, Jordan Branch (RAED), the umbrella for the Arab Sustainable Development NGOs. LHAP is comprised of major arms that work to fulfill its objectives such as the Network of Experts, Youth for Sustainable Development and Media for Sustainable Development.

P.O.Box 340636 Amman 11134 Jordan 



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